Sunday morning, summer

I like Sunday summer mornings. It’s the last morning, the last beginning. And, usually, is the only day – beginning in which I do nothing. Actually, I do a lot of things which, during the week, I don’t do: listen to music, sing at the shower (and I have time to commiserate my neighbours), I watch the best movies, I walk in the street. I have time to childishly fight with everybody. Only time.
Sunday morning in the summer, time is not anymore your enemy. It’s that old friend whom you once played chess, and he beat you. And it’s that old friend who made your hair white, who made your child an adult, who gave you a big bag of medicines…
But Sunday morning in the summer, it’s time for anything. Time to be time. Only time.

P.S.: It’s Saturday.

Maroon 5 – Sunday Morning/Songs About Jane [2002]

La Guitarra

I was listening to Strunz & Farah – Heat of the sun and I was thinking that it is so easy, but so difficult to describe the heat of the sun in harmonies.
Today it was a beautiful day. A summer day, although it’s may. I’m waiting for the summer, so I could watch people. I want to go downtown, at McDonald’s, drink an espresso and to do nothing but to analyze facts. Because I need to analyze after a year in which I took action. I need to stay, simply, to stay, with my eyes fixed in the ceiling. I know that I’ll give up after half an hour, but at least I would have seen my dream becoming reality.
Al di Meola – Mediterranean sundance is another beautiful song. The guitarist is also sensational, if you have seen him playing this song, you know what I’m talking about. And if you have not, let me tell you he is a real master.
Listening to this song, I like to be somewhere on a beach, lying in the sun, and the infinite sea. Now, this is a dream, but when the summer arrives…
I was talking about today, a beautiful day, not cold, not hot. A perfect day for singing at the guitar. The guitar. A difficult instrument, if we think at Al Di Meola, Paco De Lucia, John McLaughlin. An easy instrument, if we think at the amateur guitarists in the parks.
An instruement in which lies a lot of passion, if harmony.
The guitar – a woman.

Strunz & Farah – Dark Fire/Heat of the Sun [1995]

Endless twilight

This evening is special. It’s one of that evenings in which the twilight has the most beautiful colours. It’s the night’s gift to nature. It’s an endless twilight of endless summer, a begged summer. The blue of the sky holds everything. There I can find the most hidden secrets of the world, there I can find serenity. There is the calm that I desperately need, the harmony which rules my life.
Because the whole summer is a twilight. And the twilight is peace, is calm, is harmony. It’s a beginning and and end – the beginning of the night and the end of the day.
It’s twilight. It’s endless.

Sugarman – Summernights/Bedroon Lounge [2007]

The sea

The sea
Because the horizon joints the Earth in a painfully beautiful infinite. Because every water grain and every bit of sand leaves me breathless, speechless, without music. Because the sea bewitches and lets herself bewitched. By so many useless promises, by so many empty words, by so many notes without harmonies.
Because she, the sea, loves in waves and lets herself loved by the sand.
Because I miss her, the endless sea.

Vama Veche – Vino să visăm sub apă/Come and let’s dream under the water