As simple as that

It’s so long since I haven’t written in English. You know, sometimes I feel like I need to express myself in some other language. Maybe it’s the routine, maybe it’s my bored ego that speaks right now.
I speak in English all the time, wherever I go, even at my Spanish classes, because I have a Serbian colleague and we talk to each other in English!

In order to explain a bit my today’s intentions, I have to say that I originally intended to write a post about how decided I am, whatever would be what I wanted to do. But, honestly, it’s very difficult to write such a post without having objections from my friends. Because everybody would think that I especially thought of him/her when I wrote that piece of article. You see, men are pretty difficult, notably when they are some… children.

But I get very angry with me because of them. I don’t know how to react politically correct. I react how I feel, I’m very spontaneous and I say it as I think it. Without filtering my words, in most of the cases.
You know, I don’t want to hurt anybody. I’m so very peaceful (if this would be a Miss Universe contest…), but sometimes – most of the times – this does not work. I’ve been in so many situations in which I had to be the most direct person in the world, that now it would be a blasphemy of mine to say that subtleties always work.

If I want to see you, I’ll see you. If I want to catch you, I’ll catch you. If I want to punish you, I’ll do it. If I want to hate you, I’ll think twice. But if I wanna fuck you, then I’ll just fuck you!

Suzanne Vega – Caramel/Nine Objects Of Desire [1996]

Remains. Not to care about

I was wondering today whether someone really takes care of me from somewhere high in the sky. And I somehow reached the painful conclusion that there are only a few persons from this big shit called Earth that care about me. Simple as hell.

I watch The Apprentice. I read some romanian chronicles saying that Donald Trump is a kind of Gigi Becali in the American View. Which is pretty interesting. And predictable, if I somehow try put to a severe analysis his hair.

“Can you feel a little love?
Dream on, dream on…”

Wandering. Bucharest is not anymore that full-of-energy city, the one that conquered me ever since I was born. It’s just another city.
Is this what it happens when you get to see the world and its people?

“When I feel the warmth of you very soul
I forget I’m cold
And crying.
When you’re lips touch mine
And I lose control
I forget I’m old
And dying.”

Depeche Mode – I Want It All/Playing the Angel [2005]


V-am mai spus că zenitul e superb. Şi vă mai spun o dată.

E superb. Cerul, în degrade şi muzica, în boxe.
Mâine e doar vineri. Of, Doamne, vreau o noapte pe plajă, la mare, întinsă pe nisip…

That’s my intracate beauty. Pure simplicity, ’cause simplicity is beauty.

Boozoo Bajou feat. Wayne Martin – Every Hour/Sinners Lounge – The Erotic Sessions [2006]

Draga mea multifuncţională Canon,

Mai du-te dracului!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Multifuncţionala Canon, primită cadou de la nişte securişti respectabili de Crăciun, s-a stricat. Am împrumutat de la biblioteca Luis Rosales din Institutul Cervantes (apropo, foarte deştepţi băieţi) o carte cu gramatică elementară de spaniolă, ca să nu mor fără să ştiu şi aşa ceva. Vin acasă, încerc să fotocopiez câteva pagini, să mă apuc de lucru. Multifuncţionala naibii începe să dea nu ştiu ce eroare, clipăie nişte beculeţe (ăla cu semnul de curent electric lângă) şi, în loc să arate că fotocopiază una bucată hârtie, arată că două, după care apare un “E”, de la “eroare”, presupun.
Am încercat să repet procesul, fix acelaşi rezultat.

Draga mea multifuncţională Canon,

Depeche Mode – Suffer Well/Playing the Angel [2005]

P.S.: At the hairdresser’s. No comment. Really.

Tomorrow, a new adventure

De mâine începând, mă voi duce la un curs de spaniolă la Institutul Cervantes. Până acolo ajung cu 69 (ce chestie!), sau, generalizând, cu RATB-ul. Deci voi avea multe de povestit, vă aştept după ora unu după amiaza, când voi ajunge acasă şi mă voi apuca de scris.
Wish me luck, I think I’m gonna need it!

Sofa Surfers – Can I get a witness (Thievery Corporation Mix)/Sinners Lounge – The Erotic Sessions [2006]

P.S.: Îmi place titlul. Vă supăraţi dacă o să-l mai folosesc?!