the last six months

roller coasters? hah. 

it’s a wintery and very early thursday morning, and i’m heading to work, doing the same 40-minutes-to-two-hours commute i’ve been doing for the past year or so. this morning seems to be rather a fast one, yet i’ll probably be 10 minutes late. it’s my birthday today, and the backseat is full of sweets and some two-litre bottles of office-acceptable drinks. i get on to the most scenic part of my commute, going past floreasca lake, on mircea eliade boulevard. it’s a two-lane sinuous and speedy road in-between a lake and a park, and in the early morning winter sun, it’s looking absolutely gorgeous. i’m the only one on the street, driving my faithfull Lizeta, a soon-to-be eleven year old Citroen C4, my beautiful and very futuristic companion for the last three years and a something.

and then the longest ever seconds of my life came: i just saw this guy trying to get out of the park and make a forbidden left turn, from a give-way secondary access path, when he was already incredibly close to me and not fucking looking if anyone was coming… tried to avoid him, but you know when they talk about those “i tried to do everything, but there wasn’t much left to do” seconds? those were the ones. the asphalt was wet, i was coming with about 60 kmh, put the breaking pedal to the ground, the bloody abs came in, i got hit, tried to keep the car on my lane. barely made it. i remember vividly the eeriness of the lateral airbags exploding, and the sight of gunpowder and dust flowing freely into the calm, silent, golden winter light.

the right front wheel was severely damaged, enough that i had to call for a towing car. on the sideway there was a tree – went and sat there for …a while, maybe. a police car appeared, it seems it was on patrol; and the policeman was the kindest man ever, giving me advice on what to do next – checking myself for injuries (escaped only with a nice-looking bruise on my right knee), checked the bloody idiot’s mandatory insurance policy (the first one he showed was expired), gave me the idea of setting up the reflective triangle (!). not going now into the administrative details, it took almost three months to receive the resolution from the insurance company (total damage), but i got incredibly scared. i had been driving for four years and a few months, with only two minor events, which is a good performance in the bucharest traffic. for a few days after the accident i dreamed about it in loop, trying relentlessly to avoid it; i couldn’t.

now i’m driving a new dacia sandero stepway 2017, a car i didn’t like (i find any car other than my former Citroen C4 or the new Renault Megane ugly, for some reason), but which proves to be a very good choice. there is a certain delight in driving an automated gearbox car in city, and for the money i paid i got some cool features. plus, it’s a new car – one that helps me not to hug the whole bucharest metro population each morning.
not that hugging is bad, but i don’t like that many strangers at once.


i also managed to finish my master’s degree, and defend my dissertation thesis. it implied two years of more than 12 hours of work per day: my day-to-day job in a multinational company, and then some two, sometimes three hour courses in the evening. loved every single bit of it; and now i’m seriously taking into consideration a phd. until september i’d need to decide on it.

also loved the fact that my professors in the political science departnment left me do my thing with fear-related subjects; and while this is not necessarily the most approachable research direction, i remain very grateful for being allowed to write on it.


if the above was not enough – i have involuntarily changed the company i work for. i’m not going to go in too many details here, but one: in the last two weeks, i have been put in the most ridiculous situation ever, that of not having a reliable enough internet connection at work. aaaaAAAAAAA!!


conclusions? i don’t have any. it’s life, a good idea is to put your head down and work hard enough in order to make sure you can get out of shit at any time. it’s just that i’m so tired i can’t even drag myself through a three-hour drive to the seaside, a symptom unheard of sometime ago.

but many were unheard of, only to be shouted some time later on.

tycho – a walk