Terrorism for the masses

Was about to fall asleep when this came to my mind: back in the day, it used to be much more complicated to be a terrorist. I mean, you had to hijack a minimum of three planes, two of which you’d have to fly into the WTC towers, the third one into the Pentagon, and too bad you couldn’t do the same with the fourth. Heck, this requires for a fair amount of planning, some money (or an organization with some kind of reimbursements policy, hue hue), a bit of coordination, some skills in flying a plane and maybe some project management, knowing what in the actual fuck you are doing – something which resembles a grand thing in the scheme of the world anyway.

Nowadays… Oh, nowadays they don’t make terrorists like they used to. Hijacking a car indeed seems to be easier, and pretty much anyone having a bit of skills can do it. Being a terrorist has become very achievable – maybe you don’t even have to go to some remote cave in the Middle East, as the story goes. Just stay in front of the TV, have an internet connection allowing you to search for whatever weapon manufacturing subjects – or simply how to kill someone, and bam, that’s it. Nothing more.


I should be thinking to merrier things before going to sleep, but in the following period I might publish some more nuggets like this, as I badly need some anchor points to begin with for my dissertation paper. We’ll see. Why on Earth do I start thinking right before falling asleep.