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it happens sometimes, you wake up with a swollen eye. half-blinded by some insane sun.
viens voir ton docteur, i think i can fix you, why don’t you let me to.

well, for fuck’s sake. i’m gettin’ tired to repeat the same things over and over again. fixing things implies some assumptions: they are broken, do not function properly, become unconfortable, bla. most importantly, though, the owner should want to fix ’em. (un)democratically speaking.

maybe such things happen when paco de lucia dies, god knows.

luckily enough, there is this album of bruce becvar called “time dreams”, which is perfect for a sunday morning, monday working night, friday roadtrip, wednesday meeting and all-week traffic jams.

and maybe i’ll stop caring about getting my bike stolen and use it to get at the office.

în rest, s’tem bine.

dave matthews band – don’t drink the water