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we’re journalists and social media experts, aren’t we

Friday, 14th December 2012

context: mass shooting in a connecticut school. a cnn journalist finds out the name of the suspect, therefore the name gets posted on cnn’s live text article, and on social networks.

what’s there left to do, other than this?


totally predictable, several minutes later.


m, the smell of lawsuits. m, the smell of smashed ethics.

later edit: the atlantic wire is raising quite a fair question.

later edit 2: the atlantic wire comments on this whole thing.

Facebook has declined to comment about the mixup, but at the very least the the Twitterati and the mainstream media appear to have learned their lessons — apologies flooded the web late Friday afternoon for connecting the CNN report with the wrong Lanza by way of his Facebook profile.

no, mainstream media haven’t learned their lessons. a lesson should be the three sources rule, a lesson should be the common sense of waiting the official police confirmation, a lesson should be that apologising for an incorrect information shows that you’re crap. honest, but crap.


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