autobaza britanică

de asta-i mişto să ai un felix, că-ţi dă chestii de văzut

tv shows made for the sake of puns? yeah, sure.

Stephen Fry: ‘[..] For instance, Bond has these strange ideas. He has this idea that homosexuals can’t whistle, for example, which occurs..’
Alan Davies: ‘Because they’ve always got a cock in their mouth?’
Stephen Fry, laughing: ‘I want you to go and stand in the corner.’
Clive Anderson: ‘You just put your lips together and blow, everyone knows that’.
Alan Davies: ‘I’ve had a blow job.. which is a cocktail, and you get it in a shooter glass, and it’s got something like Drambuie or Bailey’s or something in it.’
Stepehn Fry: ‘Oh, how sophisticated.’ – QI, S1/E8

Stephen Fry: ‘The first Bloody Mary was actually in the St. Regis Hotel in New York, and was called a Red Snapper, which is rather a good name. In Australia, a Virgin Mary they call a Bloody Shame, which is rather good.’ – QI, S1/E8

Stephen Fry: ‘[..] As an East Anglian, I refute that with every fiber of my being. The answer is..’
Jez Hardy: ‘No, you can’t refute. That’s bad grammar, that, Stephen. To refute, you have to provide evidence. You mean rebut.’
Stephen Fry: ‘No, I mean repudiate’.
Jez Hardy: ‘Fair enough.’ – QI, S1/E4.

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