As simple as that

It’s so long since I haven’t written in English. You know, sometimes I feel like I need to express myself in some other language. Maybe it’s the routine, maybe it’s my bored ego that speaks right now.
I speak in English all the time, wherever I go, even at my Spanish classes, because I have a Serbian colleague and we talk to each other in English!

In order to explain a bit my today’s intentions, I have to say that I originally intended to write a post about how decided I am, whatever would be what I wanted to do. But, honestly, it’s very difficult to write such a post without having objections from my friends. Because everybody would think that I especially thought of him/her when I wrote that piece of article. You see, men are pretty difficult, notably when they are some… children.

But I get very angry with me because of them. I don’t know how to react politically correct. I react how I feel, I’m very spontaneous and I say it as I think it. Without filtering my words, in most of the cases.
You know, I don’t want to hurt anybody. I’m so very peaceful (if this would be a Miss Universe contest…), but sometimes – most of the times – this does not work. I’ve been in so many situations in which I had to be the most direct person in the world, that now it would be a blasphemy of mine to say that subtleties always work.

If I want to see you, I’ll see you. If I want to catch you, I’ll catch you. If I want to punish you, I’ll do it. If I want to hate you, I’ll think twice. But if I wanna fuck you, then I’ll just fuck you!

Suzanne Vega – Caramel/Nine Objects Of Desire [1996]

9 thoughts on “As simple as that

  1. Once, John Lennon said: sometimes is hard to be a woman, sometimes is hard to be a man, even is hard to understand. As simple as that.

  2. It should be simple, but, in fact, it’s not simple at all. And it’s all because of us, people. We make things to be complicated. It’s only our fault. It’s about management of life. We have a huge responsability for ourselves and for the others. Finally, it’s a matter of respect for what we are and what we could become. But, we are blind. We don’t see the sunrise, anymore.

  3. We can’t see the sunrise. We do not have time, we do not want, we just… can’t.

    How many people know what the hell is “respect”?

  4. I do believe that, respect, means wisdom. It is something that you get in time. The secret is to let it come, to see the truth that lies behind. May I give you a piece of advice? Just be yourself, all the time, no matter what. You’re young, you’re smart, you’re pretty. It’s, already, more than perfect.

  5. I try that, all the time. Sometimes I can and I'm happy with that, sometimes I can and I hate it.

    🙂 More than perfect…
    You're very nice :">

  6. It’s not about being nice, it’s about the truth. I’ve been where you are. Don’t let them hurt you. Try to be above their meanness. 90% from the people you know “have lost” you from the very first minute. It hurts, but it’s a fact. So what? You’ll survive to find the person that matches you. And, only then, you can talk about simplicity.

  7. I’ll survive, of course. But let me tell you something. Things always seem to be pretty easy, even from the first look, when they tell me everything they could tell me with their appearance. I agree that, from that on, I can or cannot discover new things. Usually, it’s black or white. But it has become a mixture of all kinds of colours…

    And, by the way, thank you! 🙂

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