Fredo & PidJin. Pure genius

Like every Monday, today I read what Fredo and PidJin had done. I told you in an earlier post the two penguins (I hope they are penguins) are pure genius, but today they dispelled any other expectation. Here you can read their conversation with the forest. Laugh, people!

Of course, I have to congratulate the two creators of the characters, Teodor Muscalu and Eugen Erhan. Great!

P.S.: Eugen Erhan told me that Fredo & PidJin are EVIL PIGEONS. Still waiting for my punishment…

3 thoughts on “Fredo & PidJin. Pure genius

  1. Look, I gotta say something: they resemble with penguins to me.
    And it doesen’t evem matter what they are; they are too funny and I cannot think to philosophycal issues anymore. Still laughing…

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