Someone has noticed that my articles are mainly published at night. She asked me why. And I answer her now.
The night is the most beautiful moment of the day (?!) after twilight. Although I love the light, the darkness invites me to introspection. To analysis. To the serenity in harmonies, because only at night I can listen to Gotye, Nightmares On Wax, Sofa Surfers, Thievery Corporation or compilations like Erotic Lounge (ok, this is made to be used at night), Cafe del Mar or Buddha Bar.
At night, everything that is shattered gathers back and no moment is wasted. Is the moment when I can relax. When I can listen only to notes, not useless words. Yes, at night I’m in my own element. I can truly see what is around me. And a day without a night is like a puzzle with a piece missing.

Gotye – Puzzle with a piece missing/Like drawing blood [2006]

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