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Music, a motorcycle and again music/I like it

Monday, 28th April 2008

There’s no one in the street, there’s no one in the city. The Winamp goes on and on. The playlist flows from speakers into veins. Everybody has gone to bed, I cannot see any window lit in the blocks nearby. If I push the pause button, everything turns into silence.
I’ve got an unbearable sensation that is Sunday, and tomorrow I’ll have to take it from scratch again. I forgot this week I’m on holiday.
An unbearable night because it’s one of that nights when Vibe Fm bores me to death, it broadcasts now a kind of electro with trance, and trance is the nastiest kind of music. So I move on to ProFM Dance. There I find bossanova – and it’s perfect for the depressing image gave by the blocks I can see in my window.
Meanwhile, I got bored by ProFM Dance and I press play: Coldplay – Don’t Panic is the song.
“And we live in a beautiful world,/Yeah, we do,/Yeah, we do”… I look at the window and I get the sensation I’m the only one left on Earth. No wind, no step left in the street. Sometimes, seldom, an insomniac motorcyclist is putting head to head his thoughts on his motorcycle. I can hear his thoughts throughout the engine’s noise. I can feel the freedom between his transmission chain and gearshift. I know, it’s just a piece of his freedom.
Schiller is singing in German and I cannot understand absolutely nothing. The song’s title is in English, so I discover what “Der Schonner Tag” means. Mission completed.
Duffy has a very good voice and I like retro style. I doon’t like Amy Winehouse, ’cause she doesn’t realise what she does herself using all kind of drugs. That’s it. Shit happens.
I like Mandalay, too. Their style, which I cannot define, gets me. “Kissing the day” has the air of supportive woman, otherwise I can’t understand why she tells something aboust “kissing your mouth supprotively”…
Erotic Lounge 6 – Quick And Dirty is one of the best compilations of this kind. Monte La Rue – Turn Off The Lights and Aural Float – Beautiful Someday are the best tracks. It sounds very well!!!
I’m sleepy, very sleepy. And, as long as only we could hear the music in my speakers, my neighbours could sleep.


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