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Monday, 28th April 2008

I discovered to early, as some people say, and too late, as others say, what is a compromise.
There is no white and black only, there are also the gray shades. And this shades are the colour of life, surprinsingly.
Compromises are like a spot on someone’s T-shirt. Spots that many hide from the other’s eyes, not realising that this spots are their past.
And they forgive the tiems when there was only black and white. When the road had one unique direction. When, as Alphaville were saying, they were looking for the best, but expecting the worst.
Now, they hear their end. And they still don’t realise it is too late, much too late. But they ask for forgiving. And they are surprised, becuase no one forgives them anymore.

What if there was more time? What if they understood earlier? What if they knew what they had to do this life? What if…?

Coldplay – What If/X&Y [2006]


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