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Sunday, 27th April 2008

Would anybody explain me why the hell everyone quarrels, everyone has serious discussions, everybody yells, everybody wants something yesterday, if possible?!
Everyone likes nothing, everyone gets angry because of nothing.
We forgot to smile, to laugh. For a long time I haven’t seen a person who’d laugh till he/she gets sick, and then he would call me to say me he had muscular aches because of laughing.
Yes, it seems that for joy, also, we need some practice. Otherwise, we wouldn’t need three days in bed and a lot of aspirins to recover from a session of serious laughing.
Fact which makes me think we don’t even want to get fit. If you laugh, you get fat. That person who said this stupid thing probably doesn’t live between people, he/she probably levitates with three dictionaries under her butt, trying to learn them by heart.
And I say you to let that angry people alone, to ignore them.These days are too beautiful for you to ruin it with some stupid things. Don’t worry, everything will be all right somehow, somewhere, sometime…

Jose Gonzalez – Save your day/Veneer [2005]


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